Nightgown Adjacent Attire


Coffee helps me espresso myself.

Last weekend I finished my make for the challenge I’m hosting with Lisa over on Instagram. We’re asking sewists to pick something ready to wear and be inspired to sew something- either exactly or loosely, it doesn’t matter!- then share it on Instagram under the hashtag #makethatlook2020 The challenge goes until July 7th if you want to come play!

Anyway, I finished my look and then I just got inspired to keep going. I have seen this cute summer dress on my instagram feed for the past few weeks and have thought how easy it would be to recreate.

It’s from the brand Jenni Kayne, who I know nothing about!, and I went scouring vintage patterns until I found this one.

I will say that if you love the style of this dress, I believe Chalk and Notch is going to be releasing a very similar pattern soon so be sure and check them out!

I looked through my stash and decided on this print from Blackbird Fabrics. This was a very simple sew, it’s really mostly rectangles!, and I love how flowy and cool it feels. It’s definitely nightgown adjacent, but I decided that maybe that is my vibe for the summer?


I changed the closure on the back. It’s supposed to button but when I fully close the band I found it almost uncomfortable. Not quite, but just enough that I knew it would keep me from reaching for it. So I added two ties instead and I really prefer that I can make it as loose or tight as I want.


This pattern had an interesting detail for the pocket finish that I just love. There is an added piece to the skirt patterns where you attach the pocket. It means that there is no lining showing or pocket moving out of the seam of the dress. This is something that I find happening sometimes in inseam pockets and I think this little addition makes a huge difference in the finishing!

Vintage patterns can be tricky. The sizing is very limited, instructions can sometimes make assumptions that you know things you may not, and buying online can mean you’re never positive the package will be exactly as advertised. There are bonuses and techniques like this pocket construction is definitely one of them. Little details that can make a big difference!


I love my new dress and have been wearing it non stop! What are your favorite go to styles during the summer? Has lockdown changed what you want to be wearing?

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