Fun Reading Challenge!

Charnaie over at Here Wee Read posted a great Summer Reading Challenge last week. There is a list along with an illustration to color in the books/challenges that you check off. The idea is to incorporate more diverse and inclusive books in your summer reading. The challenge works for kids and adults and she offers a lot of resources for helping you find books for each subject.

We have made a summer reading log for the whole family and it’s in the place of honor on our fridge. We have all liked being able to add the books we’ve finished and rating them, although Harper is smoking all of us right now!

One of my kids’ teachers suggested having my more reluctant reader read aloud to us, and it has been a bit of a game changer for them! They do the voices, have fun with inflections, and we are able to talk about words/situations/terms they don’t know. I highly recommend it if you are trying to coax a young reader this summer!

Does your family take part in any kind of summer reading challenge? We loved the local library one at our library back in Dallas and I see quite a few people online with different ways of adding more reading in every day. Would love to hear any tips you have with your younger readers! I’m going to try and put together a list of all the books the kids rate highly by the end of the summer. Happy reading!


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