Me Made May Inspiration: People to Follow

I wrote this post a few weeks ago but waited to share it until now. There was an initiative on Instagram to mute white voices the week of June 1st-7th and amplify black accounts. I think this is awesome and wanted to honor the intention of the challenge! I also think the sewing community on Instagram is amazing and that all of these accounts I mention contribute to making that community better. I hope you’ll click through and find some new amazing sewists to follow and support!

Last week I wrote about my thoughts on this very inspiring Me Made May and I wanted to have separate posts with some of the inspiring people and patterns I discovered this month.

I followed the hashtag on Instagram and noticed a few people consistently popping up that after I few weeks I decided I just needed to follow. Go check them out if you don’t know them already!

viewsfromthestitch_ I was really drawn to the patterns she makes and her subtle play with color and print. I also loved her consistent photos, I recognized her makes immediately! I feel like I’m drawn to the same patterns as her and bookmarked a few things I would love to make

wzrdreams Ok Grace has a lot of followers but I didn’t know about her! Another instagrammer mentioned her as someone that really explained and documented the sewing process and that is something I love about Instagram. It’s so easy to share as you go in stories and the more people I follow, the more I learn myself.

the.over.confidentbeginner Annemarijn started following me and when I went to look at her feed the first thing I saw was a gorgeous yellow skirt so I immediately followed. I feel like her style is similar to mine, although her photos are way cooler.

shadesonthescreen not sewing related exactly, but I love these screenshots of films with the color bar below. I absolutely get inspired by color and I love seeing the different combinations and the moods created with each one.

maressamade Kayla was one that kept coming up on the hashtag that I just finally had to follow. I love how she styles clothes, she always look cool but still like a normal person. Sometimes influencers look great but I can never picture what they’re wearing being practical for real life. I also love how Kayla mixes ready to wear with her makes and she’s a knitter as well.

stylesinseams I found Robyn at the very end of the month and I love her feed! Her makes are gorgeous and she has a great eye for mixing prints and colors. I admit I also love that she is tall and seeing what patterns she uses and what changes she makes for fit.

Sew.illustrated Maya is taking instagrammer’s outfit photos and turning them into beautiful illustrations! Such a wonderful feed to scroll through and you will find other great makers to follow as she adds them in to her collection. I love that she’s finding ways to incorporate sewing into her creativity in new ways at a time in her life when the physical act of sewing isn’t possible.

And if you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me here! It’s my favorite social media platform and I mainly post about sewing, although you will find a few kid, plant, and food pictures there too.


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