Me Made May Wrap Up

I wrote this last week and had plans to host a giveaway for the book. It doesn’t seem right to start this week without mentioning all that went down this weekend. Sustainability and environmentalism are important, and are absolutely tied up with racial justice, but right now protestors around the country are focused on ending police brutality and I think the Black Lives Matter movement should be the number one focus. 

I have been sharing a lot of resources on instagram for white people to start/continue antiracist work and I want to continue those thoughts here in ways that are helpful without centering me and my whiteness. I want to do the work and continue the work after the protests are over. So I’m going to be trying to do that and I may mess up, but black people cannot afford our silence because it’s more comfortable for us anymore.

I still want to share what I learned throughout the month of May during this challenge but I want to begin by sharing how we as a sewing community can support black business owners. Thanks to the work of @sewnaturaldane and @onesewsweet I was able to find a number of black owned fabric stores and I’m going to link them here. I am hosting a fun challenge this month that I’ll talk about on Thursday, and you’re going to need fabric for it! Comment with any others you know and love and I will add them to the list!

Fiibers Fabrics

Sew Much Fabric

The Fabric Fix

Ankara and Lace

My Daily Threadz has a monthly fabric box

Ta-osh dyes mesh fabric to match skin colors. Perfect for all of you that make your own bras!

We did it! We made it through May! I really enjoyed Me Made May this year and wanted to take a minute to reflect on what I learned and solidify my thoughts.

Part of my challenge this month was not just to wear handmade clothes, but to really take a look at my closet and use the things I learned from The Conscious Closet to start building a sustainable wardrobe that I love. Here’s what I learned after a month of dressing intentionally!

I genuinely liked everything I wore By taking the time to have a closet cleanout before this challenge and really evaluating my clothes, I found myself liking all of my clothes. Maybe that sounds weird to you, but I’ve always had clothes that make me uncomfortable in some way or are almost right but something is off. This month I felt good in everything. About my body, my comfort level, and just like myself.

It’s worth taking the time to change things that bothered me And anything that didn’t make me feel great, I took off and evaluated if it was worth changing or keeping at all. So a dress became a top, another one a skirt, I fixed the hem on a jumpsuit that was bothering me, tightened a waistband that was too big. All of these little fixes barely took any time and made a huge difference in me wearing the clothes.

I can see a consistent color/style I feel like I am coming into my own with my style and am beginning to be able to define what it is I like wear. I don’t like prints as much as I like colorful solids. I love a fitted waist and the color yellow. I like basic shapes with fun details over fussy clothes and I’d prefer a natural fiber against my skin over something synthetic.

I love separates more than I thought I guess I’ve never had that many handmade pants to wear for this challenge, but now that I do I see that I really like wearing separates on a day to day basis. I have always loved dresses, but this year I saw myself veering away from them more. It will be interesting as the weather heats up to see if this remains the case!

Getting dressed and playing with clothes is fun I had fun getting dressed every day. It was fun deciding what to wear, if I wanted an ‘outfit’ or just clothes on my body that were comfy. I had fun taking the pictures and managed to last the whole month without dreading them. I felt like what I wore was a reflection of who I was, and that has not always been the case for me. I want more of it!

There are so many inspiring people out there Maybe I just paid more attention or maybe so many people had plenty of time on their hands, but I was so inspired by all the makers that participated this year. Everyone’s makes, their style, their photographs made me feel  deeply connected to this creative community and I found myself feeling proud of everyone. There are so many makers out there creating conscious closets and expressing themselves even during this horrible time in history, and that gives me hope and makes me feel less alone in the world.

As someone who puts clothes on my body, I am a part of the fashion cycle, whether I buy ready to wear clothes or not. This is the biggest lesson I learned from this book and from this month long challenge. Whether or not I consider myself a fashionista, I wear clothes. Therefore, I play a part in the global fashion cycle. Thinking about where my clothes and fabric comes from and where it’s going when it leaves my closet, needs to be a part of my consciousness for the rest of my life. And I think it will be!

Thanks for following along with me and if you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest checking out The Conscious Closet and doing the work of thinking more about the how and why of getting dressed you get dressed.

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