Step Six, Continue the Fashion Revolution!

This is my final post on my thoughts while reading The Conscious Closet. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and feel inspired to pick up this book yourself and start building your own conscious closet. I will have a post up Monday with details on how you can win a copy of this book for yourself!

Today we are looking at Part Six, The Fashion Revolution. This section is all about the history of fashion activism and gives great information on the different countries that make our clothes. Cline gives a bit of her personal history on how she became a fashion activist and she spends a lot of this section giving resources and ideas on how we as her readers can take what we’ve learned throughout the book and start making changes to the fashion industry.

I loved how Cline noted that there are different kinds of activists and she gives avenues for action no matter what your preferred method may be. As always, Cline understands that one size doesn’t fit all and that there are many different ways to make an impact depending on who you are and where you are in life.

She ends the book encouraging us all to build a conscious closet and I have to say that even in one month I see a difference in how I get dressed and how I value my clothes. My biggest take away from this book is that I am a part of the fashion cycle, however I get the clothes on my body, and that I can make a difference just by how I purchase my clothing. What we wear matters, not just because it can make us feel great, but because it can have lasting affects on the world around us.

I’ve learned so much from this book and I am so glad I read it during the month of May when I was taking the Me Made May challenge and really scrutinizing my handmade clothes. I hope to take this awareness with me in the coming years and share here new tips and tricks I learn as I keep trying to build an intentional, sustainable wardrobe that is full of clothes that I love to wear!

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