Yesterday I woke up thinking, “Yay it’s Friday!” only to quickly remember that, nope, it’s Thursday.  But today! Today is Friday! And this time next week I can say that we survived  distance learning! I’m trying to be optimistic about what fall and school will look like, but you know what? Right now I have summer to look forward to. And while our plans may have to be very flexible, and this definitely won’t look like past summers, I’m still excited to have the free time, the extra daylight, and the room for play.

This week we let our butterflies go that we got around Easter. Even as an adult it’s still a miracle every time to watch those caterpillars get fat, make a chrysalis, and then, like magic!, emerge as this beautiful, delicate butterfly. I went on a walk yesterday and there were butterflies everywhere and I told the kids I was pretty sure some of them were ours. There’s probably a beautiful metaphor in there somewhere, but for now it was simply a reminder that nature and all her mysteries are bigger than we can imagine and still happening all around us.

This weekend we are getting ready to celebrate the twins’ ninth birthday. I’ve ordered way too many presents and we have some projects we would like to get done around the house. I’m sure there’s a hike or two that will happen and movies and popcorn will absolutely be in the mix.

Fridays are weird now because nothing much changes from the rest of the week, but we’ve been trying really hard to mark a distinction and to make our weekends about family time and rest. I hope yours is full of both of those good things and that you get time to stop and marvel at a butterfly or two!

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