Week of Looks Me Made May 2

And just like that we are through the second week of May! Again I dressed in completely handmade for every day but Sunday. Again, there is a lot of pink and yellow. And again, Sam makes a few appearances. I swear he sees me set up the camera and starts smiling at it.

I’ve been feeling a bit blah this week, not wanting to make anything, not feeling like I have anything to share here. It seems like this is the lockdown trend, a week of energy where I want to do all the projects followed by a week of having trouble unloading the dishwasher. I feel like it’s gone on long enough that I know to just ride it out, do what feels good, and not worry too much about feeling lazy.

How is everyone else holding up? My next three sewing projects are pants and I got out all the patterns and fabrics so hopefully I can start on them today and get my mojo back. I also want to make some new masks as I finally got in more elastic and found a pattern with different sizing that I think would work better for the kids. I hope wherever you are that you’re healthy and finding small joys throughout the day!

Clothes details:

Briar T-shirt and new Mel sweatpants from Seamwork

New tank and favorite Burda pants 

Coppelia wrap top and Hollyburn Skirt (one of my first ever makes!)

T-shirt I made as a tester that wasn’t ever put out and my newish Axis Skirt

One of my favorite makes from last summer- Mccalls 7950 in a yellow linen

A knit tank and my Persephone Pants


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