Gray and Gloomy Monday

Woke up this morning to a very gray and gloomy day, which feels especially rough after yesterday was so gorgeous. I had a blog post planned and then… kind of forgot to write it? ha! So here we are with a few random thoughts that are on my mind this morning.

This weekend I was thinking I might start sharing weekly meal plans here. My family and friends are tired of hearing me talk about food, but it’s something that takes up a big part of my energy these days. I was thinking with meat most likely getting more scarce this summer, that I may share some family friendly recipes that focus on plants and seasonal produce. I may start next week.

I was reading about restaurants this weekend that completely disregarded our state’s reopening guidelines and looking at the pictures of people packed inside together, with no masks of course, acting like everything is fine and normal made me so upset. I’m worried  for what these next few months are going to look like and admit I’m feeling a little discouraged by humanity right now.

Same goes for all the people on the trail yesterday with no masks, or possibly worse, people with masks just hanging around their necks. Besides these people, our hike was great. We went to Three Sisters Park and hiked the sisters loop, which was gorgeous and ended up being about 3 miles. I was proud of the twins for keeping up and keeping good attitudes!

Next week is the twins’ birthday and Chris and I went on a buying spree last week and packages keep appearing at the house. I hope we can make the day special and fun, even during these weird times.

I hope all of you stay well and find some sunshine today!

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