Happy Mother’s Day

I love the movie and the stage musical Billy Elliott and one of my favorite lines is when the ballet teacher says- wow Billy, your mom sounds like she was pretty special (or something like that) and Billy says (with all the love in the world)- no, she was just me mum.

Your mom could cure all the world’s diseases, she could win an Oscar, she could write best selling novels, but at the end of the day you love her because she’s just your mum. I know not everyone has a mom that they feel that way about and Mother’s Day may be a tricky day for you, but I hope if you’re a mom and feel like there’s no way you can measure up to this idea in your head, please know that to your kids you are everything. And if you’re doing your job right, you love them so completely and fully that they don’t know anything else. You’re just their mum.

This is me and my mum (and Sam!). If I’m any good at my job at mothering three children it’s because I had her as a role model. Yes she’s a doctor, possibly the smartest woman I know, and a fierce defender of justice, but at the end of the day?

She’s just me mum.

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