Week of Looks Me Made May 1

Today we are a week in to Me Made May and here are my outfits from Friday, Saturday, (no Sunday- we went hiking and I’m not quite at the point of sewing hiking clothes) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

I’ve definitely seen a shift in my spirits after I get dressed. Something different happens from the inside out when you decide to get fully ready for the day. I also see a definite color scheme happening and already know what the gaps in my wardrobe are and what I need to make more of (separates!)

I set up a specific spot to take pictures and it’s helped make it super simple to snap a photo every morning before I walk out of my bedroom. I’m excited to keep going and am already working on a couple of new things to add to the rotation!

Sewing is magic, making something with your hands feels good, wearing clothes that make you feel like yourself is worth it!

Patterns in these pics (my goal is to have a page dedicated to all my makes with details and links someday! Working on it!)

Inari Tee dress in a light weight french terry

Nikko top in bamboo rayon rib knit and Burda paper bag pants out of a viscose noil

A burda top I accidentally cropped but ended up liking and Vogue 9090 in a rayon challis

Mccalls 7902 in a white linen and my Persephone Pants in a mustard denim

My Madewell hack– it’s the Cielo dress with modified sleeves, a patchwork detail, and a modified neck line

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