Right Now

Right now…

We are hiking every weekend. So far everything has been fairly close to home, but we’ve got a carrier coming for Sam soon (he’s getting too big to ride for long on my chest) so we can venture out farther!

We’ve been watching good movies. This weekend it was True Grit (I just finished the book, so great) and JoJo Rabbit. Both were fantastic!

I’ve been trying to grow (is that the right term?) a sourdough starter and I think I did it. Baked my first loaves this weekend, can’t wait to experiment more. I’ll share later when I feel like I know what I’m doing.

We have been enjoying our nightly happy hour on the front porch. The weather has been pretty perfect.

Chris and I are working on our yard! Lots of rocks to move, pine needles to sweep up, and native plants to figure out.

Sam is moving! He’s got the scoot down and cannot be trusted to stay in one spot. We’ve been doing virtual physical therapy and it’s pretty amazing how fast he is catching on.

It feels like spring. Wildflowers are popping up, stuff is turning green, and it actually rained here instead of snow.






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