May Goals

May is here and it is finally feeling like spring up in the mountains! Chris and I have been making big plans for our yard and all of a sudden little surprises are popping up- like these happy daffodils.

We are looking at another month of staying at home but I am over the grumpiness of it (most days) and am trying my best to find positive ways to keep life exciting and worth getting out of bed for. With that in mind, here are my goals for the month of May!

Work in the yard We had the best time last weekend getting started with yard work and have been doing little bits here and there throughout the week. It feels wonderful to be outside and it’s fun doing something that you can see the benefits of your hard work from so quickly.

Daily yoga  I love Yoga with Adriene and this month is all about mediation and yoga and I’m going to try and get it in every day.

Me Made May I’ve talked about this challenge this week and I’m excited to participate in this and work on my conscious closet this month.

Read more I recently put a lot of great books on hold at the library (virtually) and they’ve all started to come in. I would like to be more aware of putting my phone down and reading this month.

Sourdough Starter I’ve tried and failed before, but this month I’m determined. And if it doesn’t work I found a local restaurant selling some!

What I mainly want this month is to accept what’s going on around me and still find ways to make this new house and town feel like home. Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, I want to actively look for all the things we are able to do and make memories based around those!


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