Me Made May and a Read Along

Last week I was looking ahead to May (ok I was really counting down how much longer we will have to do this virtual school thing) and started thinking about what I wanted to do for Me Made May this year. I knew I was going to participate, getting dressed has been important to me these past few weeks. It’s felt like a time to be creative and feel normal and honestly it’s also a part of my morning where no one else in this house is talking to me or needing anything and I cherish it!

I’ve recently started reading The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline and I think Me Made May would be a great way to incorporate the principles I’m learning with this fun Instagram challenge. My hope is to dive into this book and develop a closet that is sustainable and full of things I love by the end of the month.

This book is wonderful because not only is it full of information it is also an action book. Cline spells out ways to get your closet in shape and has helpful steps to learning more about sustainable fashion and ways you can change and make a difference.

It seems especially timely now as we are all changing how we shop, what we buy, and assessing what we really need. I’m hoping that by looking at my closet thoughtfully each day and documenting my handmade wardrobe that I can learn a few things about myself and carry any changes I make into the world when things get back to (somewhat?) normal.

I’ve decided to do a read along with the book, sharing my progress and thoughts as I go here with you! The schedule for posts is as followed if you happen to have the book and want to follow along. And if you don’t have the book I hope these posts are still informative. I’ll be giving away my copy at the end of the month and maybe a few other goodies!

Whit’s Conscious Closet Read Along Schedule

April 29th: Introduction

April 30th: Part One: Goodbye, Fast Fashion!

May 5th: Part Two: The Art of Less

May 12th: Part Three: The Art of More

May 19th: Part Four: The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

May 26th: Part Five: Make It Last

May 28th: Part Six The Fashion Revolution

June 2nd: A Wrap up and a Giveaway!




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