Another Friday is Here

We made it to another Friday! Not that that seems to mean anything for those of us isolated at home, but a weekend is still a weekend, even if it just means we change into weekend pajamas instead of week day pajamas.

We’ve been getting along ok over here, some days emotions are high and there are tears (from everyone) and some days we are all in a little groove, working hard and having fun. It just depends and I’m sure all of you are feeling the same way.

My love list today is the stuff that’s getting me through, the things I’m looking forward to or that are helping me most on those days that don’t feel so great.

Bubble baths. Our bathroom has a great bathtub and a couple of times a week I soak in it with a face mask, a glass of wine, and either a book or my iPad and I don’t come out until I feel rested. It’s bliss.

Long Walks and Happy Hours. Chris and I set a time each time when he will be done and when that time hits we either go on a long walk or hit the patio for a little happy hour. Sometimes we do both! It’s a nice way to break the day before we get to parenting duties and it’s been a time to connect and talk to one another about something other than the daily tasks of keeping everyone alive.

Sewing. I’ve been sewing a ton over here. I’ve taken over the dining room and have just been hopping from project to project. I usually work in the afternoon when the kids are done with their main lessons for the day and don’t need much help from me. Sam is napping and I take the time for myself.

TV shows. Chris and I have always watched tv together but during this lockdown we’ve been very into watching one show at a time. We finished Deadwood (loved it), finished Shitt’s Creek (adored), and now we’re finishing the Americans. Something we used to watch but somehow missed the last season of. We don’t watch tv during the day and it feels like a treat to look forward to in the evenings. Especially when there’s no real bedtime anymore.

Hello Fresh. Listen, people in this house eat non stop and I lost the joy of cooking and meal prep real early on during this whole thing. However, my Hello Fresh subscription is keeping me sane. 4 nights a week I have a meal planned, everything I need for it, and step by step instructions that I can follow even at my most tired.

Signs of Spring. Spring is coming to Colorado and I’m loving seeing signs of it. Seeing green shoots and cactus flowers pop up is enough to lift my spirits on the lowest of days. Also I’m having fun watching what’s coming up in my flowerbeds and have bought some seeds to start inside this week and see if I can grow a garden this year.

These are the good things keeping me going, along with family and friends facetimes, happy mail, and lots of snuggles with my favorite people in the world. What’s on your love list?

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