These lemon squares from the NY Times. For some reason I have an abundance of lemons (I think a weird substitution in my grocery pick up?) so I made these and everyone is happy that there are plenty of lemons to make more. Simple to make and the perfect balance of sweet/tart flavor.


Outside! We got Sam a toddler swing and he loves it. He likes being able to play outside with the big kids and his chuckle when we push him is adorable.


I just happened to check out this book, Women in Art by Rachel Ignotofsky, right before the libraries closed. Then the author began sharing some of her art work as coloring pages (check them out here!) so I printed off her art principles and a lesson plan was born. Each week we will work our way through the elements and principles, try them out to create our own artwork, and then read about a woman in art history.

We had a lot of fun with this Friday and it was easy for me to set up so I’m looking forward to continuing. Search through books and resources you have, I bet you’ll be surprised what you could use for a simple lesson!

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