Clearing out my WIPS

WIP= Work in Progress otherwise known as the projects you were working on that you then throw into a pile in the corner of your office and never look at again.

Well, not today! No today I actually have proof that WIPs don’t have to languish sadly in an unidentified bin somewhere. I decided since I was feeling so uninspired to make new things, that I should just go ahead and finish the old things, and one month into isolation I’m happy to say my mending and unfinished pile is completely clear. Here are the five things I made in order from newest abandoned project to oldest.

Megan Nielsen’s Cottesloe swimsuit

I made a striped version of this for a recent trip to Mexico and had this one completed up until I ran out of clear elastic. Easy enough to finish! I changed the bodice on this bathing suit to tie in the front and I love it, someday I may show how I did it. Maybe the same day that we ever get to leave the house and go out to pools again?


This is a cute blouse in white linen that I almost finished last summer and for whatever reason never put the buttons on. Not sure what that was about but this was an easy one to complete. I’m not in love with a few things- I think I might lengthen the straps and maybe make them skinnier next time as well as be better at placing the buttons- but it’s a great wearable muslin and I think this pattern is really cute in all its versions

The Aster top by Collette Patterns

I am so happy I finally finished this one!!! I had made it last fall- maybe before?- and it was nearly perfect until my machine decided to eat the fabric while I was making the button holes. I set it aside and when I was unpacking I realized I had quite a bit of this fabric left. So I recut the bodice pieces and here we are! I’m so happy I stuck with this one. I need more separates in my wardrobe and I like the colors and fit on this so much.


This one was such a pain to finish. I have no memory of cutting this one out and was curing past Whitney while I was sewing. Such a mess on the inside, quite a few problems with finishes, but it’s done. It’s pretty cute and definitely one I will wear this summer. I would make this pattern again, I just think I either started this in a pregnancy fog or in a newborn fog and that made it much more difficult than it should have been.


My glamorous pajamas! I do remember cutting these out, it was right before I found out I was pregnant, and I’m so happy I have them now. Nothing feels more fabulous than swanning around your home in bright, tropical pajamas. This is a great pattern and while past Whitney put the pockets on completely asymmetrical and the collar is kind of a wreck, I still love them.

I have a video walking through all of these makes and really am just proud of myself for finishing them all! I hereby vow to no longer set aside projects to finish later. Either do them now or don’t do them at all, that’ s my new isewlation motto.

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