Make: Masks


I spent last weekend making masks. I had a friend that works in a rehab clinic request masks for her and her colleagues and when I got making them I couldn’t stop! I made some for my family, my parents, and my brother. I really was able to get an assembly line going and if I needed to make more I think I could whip them out fairly quickly.

I used this pattern from State the Label and got creative with what I used to tie since I ran out of elastic. Strips of knit fabric turned out to be a great solution- and really comfy.

Play: GoNoodle


I’ve seen a lot of people share different things and GoNoodle is one that is absolutely worth putting on your radar. It’s an app (and a website) full of silly dances and games and they are perfect for when your kids need a wiggle break during the day. Our favorite is the guacamole song, it will get any of us out of any bad mood pretty quickly!

Learn: Zoom

Real talk, this past week was all about figuring out zoom. I set up each child with their own account, figured out their unique class schedules, and taught the kids how to operate it. Whew. They’re already almost pros and we’ve even had a family zoom and all the parents and cousins and siblings are pros too! Thank the Lord for technology and being able to stay connected right now!

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