Our 100 Day Project

Tomorrow starts #the100dayproject and Harper and I have decided we want to play along. The concept is simple- pick something and do it for 100 days! Check out the hashtag on instagram to see what people are doing. Some choose big projects- quilts, home projects, a large work of art- and some choose to do something small everyday- knit, embroider, paint.

Years past I’ve chosen to take a walk every day, and pretty much did it! This year Harper and I were talking about it and we both wanted to choose something. Harper has decided to watercolor every day and I’m going to art journal. We have been getting kits from Let’s Make Art and absolutely loving them. Even if you don’t want to subscribe, check out the kits you can buy one off for fun project ideas. They also have all their tutorials on YouTube if you want to check out what you could make with stuff you have on hand.

I’m not sure when we’ll make time to do our project, I was thinking it would be a great way to end the school day but we will see. The point of this project is not to be a master painter by the end of 100 days, but instead to take time to nourish the creative side of yourself and allow yourself to create for creativity’s sake.

I’ll share our progress every week and look forward to what comes out of this! Even if we only last 50 days, I think trying to do this project together makes for a fun way to pass the time during our stay at home days. Pick a project and join us!

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