My Winter Makes

This year I wanted to approach my sewing in a more thoughtful way. I decided focusing on seasons would help me make pieces that would actually get worn and that thinking in terms of a collection would be a great way to build a wardrobe that’s cohesive and full of clothes I love.

I divided up the year into the seasons and focused on my winter collection and what I would want to make from January through March. Here are the results!

Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Co.  This knit top is so great and it makes me want to try more from this company. Very simple construction, really a simple top but the sleeves make it a little more special. I used a bamboo knit that has lovely drape and feels comfortable on the skin. I believe I sewed up the size small in this with no modifications.

Nikko Top by True Bias in the long sleeve version. This is going to be a pattern I make again and again. The weight of this bamboo rib knit is perfect for the weather right now and I think I need about 3 more in different colors. It’s cute on it’s own and perfect for layering. A great beginning pattern, I sewed up the size 6.

Nikko dress by True Bias in the sleeveless version. The same fabric as above, I love this dress. It can look sexy or casual depending on how you style it up. I’ve worn it a few times now even though we’re just hanging out at the house because it kind of feels like wearing pajamas. I made the size 4 with no adjustments.

Nexus blouse and Axis skirt by Papercut Patterns I 100% copied the pictures on the website for this make and I love the color combo. The blouse is made out of a rayon and the blue is a corduroy, both are sewn up in the size 4 with some fit adjustments on the skirt. This is a great button down shirt as there is no collar and it sews up quickly. It can be worn either way (here the buttons are in the back!) and I love the sleeves. The skirt is going to be a go to this spring, I think it will look great with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Co and Axis Skirt by Papercut Patterns This blouse is the exact same as the black, just in a plum color, and this skirt is in a flannel I picked up at the end of the year. It’s warm and cozy and I’m very proud of my pattern matching on this one. I made the size 5 and it took considerable adjustments to get the fit right, but I think I got there! I love this skirt with a chunky sweater and boots.

Persephone Pants by Anna Allen Clothing Maybe my favorite make of the past few months. I love these pants and have been wearing them non stop. I made a size 8 out of this denim I think I picked up a couple of years ago. The fit is great and they are so comfortable- I wasn’t sure with the high waist if they would be something I reached for on a regular basis. I am needing more pants that fit in my wardrobe since Sam was born and this has inspired me to make more and look for other great patterns!


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