A Quarantine Sanity Saver: Chores!

My kids have always helped out around the house but they’ve never had designated chores every day. They go to a Montessori school and part of their day is practical life, where they each take turns taking care of their school room.

I decided to add this is to our days and I’m kicking myself for never having done this before! I assigned a chore every day and they will switch off who does what. I made this chart and knowing ahead of time what’s expected is helpful. I picked chores that they mostly knew how to do with a few new skills thrown in and if it keeps going as well as it has, I may add more to the list.

I know there are a lot of scheduling ideas floating around out there, but this one is worth putting in if it’s not something you already do. We are all at home and we can all do our part to make our space peaceful and functional. Trust your kids to take some ownership that, it will save your sanity and teach them important skills. Here are some chores your kids can help with!

Water plants

Feed pets

Laundry- mine do theirs once a week and put it away

Put away clean dishes



Wipe down surfaces in bathrooms

Clean up their rooms

Watch younger sibling


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