Go for a walk


How was your week? Mine was weird if I’m being honest, I’m looking forward to my children’s school starting up virtually Monday. We started a kind of schedule, and some things went really well!, but there were a few times where I found that we had done everything I had imagined for the day and it wasn’t even lunch time.

Wednesday morning the kids woke up in Moods. Like, by 7:30 they had been sent to their rooms and Chris and I weren’t technically out of bed yet. After a breakfast with tears and bad attitudes I declared a reset. I told the kids to get dressed, we were going outside. I was going to go on a walk and if anyone wanted to join me they could, but no one was allowed inside until I got back.

It was a gorgeous morning and it didn’t take long until we were pointing out animals to each other (a woodpecker, a rabbit and chipmunks!) and drooling over a neighbor’s tree house. By the time we got back home we had done it, we had reset the morning and the rest of the day was really good.

So that’s the only advice I have. When you find yourself in a Mood and nothing seems to be working, go outside. Even if you’ve been on more walks this week than you have in 5 years, take a new trail or turn right instead of left. Try and see where you are with new eyes and imagine yourself pressing the reset button (my kids’ are on the tip of their noses if that helps you find yours!).

It’s the weekend! Let’s stay in and watch a good movie! We’re doing the right thing and think how amazing it’s going to be when we have multiple options of where to go on a Friday night- I can’t wait!

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