Listen. I woke up yesterday proud of myself for making it through half the week and then realized it was only Tuesday. I’m not here to pretend that this has been all wonderful, but let’s talk about the highlights and celebrate that now, today, it is actually Wednesday and we’re still here, still laughing, only occasionally breaking up fights, and the sun is shining. Here’s our first edition of Make/Play/Learn

Make: Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Crackle Cookies


I know baking with kids isn’t everyone’s favorite, but let me sell you on why these cookies are great for it. You see, I make the dough while the kids are doing something else because it has to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then when everyone’s getting cranky and telling you they’re bored you say ‘let’s make these cookies!’ and you pull them out and let them have the task of rolling the dough into balls, dipping them in powdered sugar and baking them. Less messy than having them do the whole thing, they get to lick chocolate off their hands, and these cookies are so hard to mess up that you don’t have to stress about them all being even and can let the kids have at it. Plus, and this is the best part, then you have cookies!!!!

Play: The Floor is Lava


Even if you don’t know this game, your kids do I promise. It’s just like it sounds, the floor is lava and you can’t touch it. So the kids set up intricate obstacle courses to get around and made a big mess and had a lot of fun. I was able to have a Zoom call because of it and am going to add it to the list of things to suggest when everyone is feeling bored and cooped up.

Learn: Zaha Hadid

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 9.55.18 AM

We subscribe to Bravery magazine and I can’t recommend it enough. Right now they are putting out a 4 week curriculum to go along with their magazines and I’m pulling from it to add to our low key homeschool (virtual learning starts next week!). This week the focus is on Zaha Hadid the architect and we’ve been reading about her life and doing at least one of the activities they suggest for the week. We’ve cut out shapes and created our own buildings and animals and today we’re going to be measuring objects around the house. Friday my big plan is to try and construct bridges out of different materials and see how much we can get them to hold.

We’re doing it! Keep going guys, we got this!

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