Was January the longest month ever or was January the longest month ever? Now we are into February and I’m happy to say that our new house is feeling like a home. The movers took longer than expected to get here and when they did I went into full on workhorse mode, getting everything unpacked and arranged like we wanted it.

Fast forward 3 weeks and we are settling into life here in the mountains. This picture is taken just down the road from our house on a beautiful trail system that we’ve been exploring every weekend. Chris likes to run it and the kids and I like to hike it.

The other night, Chris and I went out alone and he went one way, running, and I went the other way, walking and finishing up a good audio book. It took me a long time to meet up with him on the loop because I kept stopping to take pictures. The light in the mountains is just different and watching the sky change as the sun got lower and lower was a sacred experience.

Life is not all beautiful skies and mountains peaks, of course there has been a big transition for everyone and moving to a new place is hard in a lot of differnet ways. But I’m very proud of us all as a family and after a week of everyone being sick it feels like we are now settling in and trying to find ways to connect to our community.

Our family motto this year is “We have everything we need” (courtesy of the newest Star Wars movie!) and we’ve been embracing this and each other with every new day we get to see here in Colorado!

I hope this coming month brings you lots of the good stuff you love!

One thought on “home.”

  1. Morning Whitney,
    It was a delight to picture you soaking up the sacredness of the changing sun in the mountains. Nature has been my taproot during life’s expected and unexpected changes. May you and your family experience this beautiful connection always.


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