A Little Update for the New Year

I hope your 2020 is off to a great start! I got to spend my first day of the new decade surrounded by some of my favorite people and it was delightful. I wanted to share a few updates and plans that I have for the rest of the year.


As far as life goes, we are still in the process of moving into our new home in Colorado. The movers are taking longer than promised and we’ve had to be a little flexible with our planning. We may be camping out for a few days in the house or we may just get a hotel, we haven’t decided yet! Either way, Chris and I are ready to start the process of getting settled and trying to be patient during the process.


I have set myself some professional goals for the year and this blog is a part of that. I am hoping to post every week day and to stay inspired and engaged, I’ve mapped out topics I want to explore. I’ve decided that every post will be based on a weekly topic and my hope is that it keeps the content here feeling fresh and inspiring, both for me and for you! It’s also my hope that it keeps me in the habit of writing and working on my novel.

I have a few other goals too, but these feel like the starting points to bigger things.


I will have an office in our new house and I am so excited about this! For the past few years I’ve had to carve out a creative space in the middle of our living areas and it just hasn’t been the best solution. I am looking forward to a few different creative projects that are more about enjoying the process instead of output. I can’t wait to get that room set up and start on my winter sewing collection plans. My big goal for the next few months is to make a coat!

I appreciate every view, comment, and click that comes to this website and hope to make it a place worth stopping by in the coming year!

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