{it’s my birthday} Goals For December

These past few months I have been setting 3 goals for myself (sometimes my whole family gets included) and I’m not being dramatic when I say it has been life changing. I plan to talk more about that later, but for now, let’s focus on my 3 goals for the month of December!


I have been writing so much lately and while I didn’t meet the goal I set for myself last month (holidays, travel, and trying to plan a big move put up a few road blocks but that’s ok!) I hope to keep up the habit this month. I have a goal in mind for where I would like to end the month, but more than anything I would just like to make time to write every day.

Celebrate the Joy of the season

December is full of celebrations and I’d like to soak in the time with my family, worry less about the stuff or trying to do all the things, and focus on the joy. I’m so thankful we get to celebrate one more Christmas in this house together and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.


This is it! No big deal here! Ha!

We close on our new house this month and we’re hoping to make the big move before the new year begins! I want time to slow down and I want it to be here all at once, it’s a strange place to be. This one is going to be happening no matter what, my goal is to approach the move with a clear head, prepare for the hiccups and stress that will come with it, and get my little family to Colorado!




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