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These past few weeks I’ve been thinking about this website and what I want it to be and how I want it to grow next year. I love blogging and writing and have never quite found the exact path I want to take or ever thought much about growing an audience. After brainstorming and goal setting I think I have a plan in place for what this space is going to look like and I’m excited to get working on it and show you in a few weeks. I’ve set a few professional goals for myself that feel a little scary and very exciting and I’m trying to harness that into practical steps that I can use throughout the coming year.

Along with all that I would like to start a newsletter and I would love if you would subscribe. Twice a month I’ll send you an email full of inspiration, things I want to share, and a life update so you can keep up with what’s going on with my family and our move. I promise to not spam you and I promise to use the newsletter for good and never evil! My hope is that it feels like you’re chatting with a friend and after you read it you feel a little bit better about the world.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, please click here. My plan is to have the first newsletter out the week of Thanksgiving.

The picture above is from my day of house hunting and I still can’t quite believe that I’m going to wake up to mountains every single day soon. I’m trying to find the balance of being present and enjoying where I am now and also being excited about a future that seems so close! It’s a strange space to be in, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



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