October’s Goals

I love October. It finally starts to cool off here in Dallas (I mean, that’s what I’m counting on…) and I’ve come to love the build up to Halloween since my kids have been old enough to get excited about it. Add in that it’s good weather for stew, tea, snuggling under blankets, and it’s acceptable to decorate your house with pumpkins and I might even say it’s my favorite month of the year.

Last month I set myself a goal to walk a mile a day, and guys, I pretty much did it! I kept track on the big calendar in our kitchen and it was very satisfying to see those xs build up. Even when I missed a day or two, seeing my calendar full of pink xs was very encouraging. It made me want to keep going!

This month I want to continue the walking a mile a day. With the weather getting nicer it becomes a great motivation to get outside, which always helps with my mental health and Sam loves walking around the neighborhood. I’d also like to add in meditating every day. I did this a lot when I was pregnant and I’d love to make it a daily habit again.

And finally, I’d like to get back to my writing every day. This summer I got in a real groove and the past two months have been so crazy that I haven’t had the energy to keep it up. I’d love to make some progress on the piece I’m working on as well as have a blog full of content by the end of the month.

3 big goals seem good to me! I always get inspired and fired up at the beginning of a new season. I’m hopeful that by setting clear intentions I’ll be able to follow through and make new habits in my life one day at a time.

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