A Mile A Day

Lately Chris and I have been killing it with our workouts. We have been consistently going to the gym together, which is a new thing for us and a lot of fun!, and I’ve been chipping away at my couch to 5k goal.

Next week Chris starts a new job and the little routine we’ve established is going to be shaken up. I decided to give myself a challenge that would motivate me to get up and moving even on the days that Chris isn’t here to do it with me.

Starting September 4th (because it was a holiday weekend and also it seemed fitting to start on Beyonce’s birthday?) I have a goal to get in a mile a day. It can be a walk, a run, a round on the elliptical, whatever. If I do more- amazing! good job! If I do just the mile- amazing! good job! And if I miss- I just try again the next day.

I’ve always loved to exercise but only lately have made cardio a regular part of my routine. I’ve found that when I run it out I feel better mentally and have started looking forward to sweating out any anxiety or blah mood I’m feeling.

I’m trying not to be too annoying about my goal, but posting a pic on social media makes me feel somewhat accountable and the visual evidence of my hard work makes it less about perfection and more about the work as a whole.

And maybe soon I can take this mile challenge outside because it is going to eventually cool off, right?

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