Minimal Check In

In the beginning of August I shared a minimal challenge and wanted to take a second and check in! This challenge has not gone as expected and I have not worked my way through the tasks the way I had anticipated. Instead something kind of incredible has happened that I will share details on soon.

What you need to know is that when my husband and I started to think about stripping away things from our life that were weighing us down, things that didn’t align with our values or what we want out of life, we ended up making huge changes! The actual stuff and how we want to deal with it took on new meaning and we are currently slowly making our way through the house getting rid of the physical things that we don’t need.

This entire summer has been about changing up the way we live our life together and minimalism has been a part of that. How we planned out our fall schedule, how we approach our day to day tasks, how we approach our relationship, all of these things have taken on new meaning and a daily minimal challenge wasn’t what we needed in the end.

I will be sharing all these changes soon but hope that if you’re looking to make space in your life you will look at my challenge for inspiration. Even if you don’t stick to it, maybe you’ll find that a new way of thinking will lead you down a new and exciting path!

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