Link Therapy Vol. 2

It’s Friday!!! Here are links I’ve been saving the past few weeks that I think are worth checking out. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I liked these thoughts on Reading the Same Books as Your Kids. We have a major reader on our hands and I already know I’m going to have to work hard to keep up with her because she loves to talk about what she’s read!

We are almost out of the 10s! I wasn’t worried about this but I keep seeing articles about it and it’s starting to freak me out. This article from Vogue was fun, The Most Important Collections of the 2010s

Listen, humanity has really been depressing me lately so this article about a retired teacher and his love for a seahorse community really lifted my spirits.

I remember first learning what Motion Smoothing was a few years ago but I didn’t know people that create movies hate it so much.

We are still minimizing over here and I thought this article about kid clutter was helpful.

This article about food delivery workers is insane and I have started tipping in cash because, wow, those apps are not great.

And finally, two useful websites!

The Indie Bookstore Finder will help you find an independent bookstore wherever you may be. I am a big library gal but recently read about the importance of buying books when you can to support authors and would like to buy (and then pass on) books more often.

This data base of popular names is amazing. You can look by state and year for popular boy and girl names in the United States and as someone who is finding it difficult to create character names when I write fiction, I have found it very helpful!

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