Minimalism Challenge

I shared my thoughts on minimalism and how it’s a lifestyle I want to explore with my family recently and I put together a list of 25 tasks that I want us to do together. 25 because I wanted this to be challenge that’s completed within a month, but I also wanted to leave room for days when life comes up and not feel like I’m behind or failing. You will notice a mix of tasks based on physical stuff- purging, taking stock, organizing- but also some lifestyle changes thrown in too. I’ve given brief explanations for each and my hope is that in a month or so I can check in and tell you how it went! I plan on starting today and if you follow me on instagram I may give an update here and there. (Also the pic for this post has nothing to do with anything except that it’s my daughter at the beach when she’s four months old and I found it scrolling for an image to put there and just decided I didn’t want to put anything else!)

  1. Family Calendar (look at where we will be putting our time and energy this fall and get it in an organized place)
  2. Organize Master Bedroom, plan decor (kids in charge of organizing their rooms/unpacking/cleaning)
  3. Clean out clothes closets (everyone’s! this sounds like a monumental task but I’ve kept up with this all summer and think it’s doable for one day.)
  4. Clean out Toys
  5. Organize remaining toys
  6. Family meal plan (I love Miranda’s thoughts on minimal meal planning and want the whole family involved in setting this up for the next few months. I love to cook, but I hate meal planning. I hope this is a way to make it an easier task!)
  7. Clean out fridge, pantry, cabinets, make plan to organize, list of anything need to buy
  8. Organize kitchen!
  9. Hang pictures and art that I’ve been wanting to put up! Contact carpenter to come make repairs around house.
  10. Den bookshelves/clean out games and puzzles
  11. Dining room/hutch in living room/china cabinet
  12. Make a family cleaning schedule, set up chores/allowance chart
  13. Sewing/crafting supplies (ok this one is just me!)
  14. Kids Crafting supplies
  15. Big Closet- purge and organize
  16. Daily Gratitude List- I want this to be a habit for my family!
  17. Organize cleaning supplies closet- make cleaning products?
  18. Figure out home office/sewing space situation
  19. Digital purge- emails/recurring payments/email
  20. Paper purge- receipts/mail/filing system
  21. Bathroom toiletries- everyone!
  22. Window coverings
  23. Photos- put in albums, frame, order summer photo book
  24. Upstairs closet/seasonal items
  25. Make a fall bucket list for the family!
  26. Drop off any and all donations and CELEBRATE!

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