Thoughts on Minimalism

As I wrote about last week, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what has my attention lately. It has led me to a lot of reading about minimalism and I’m itching to go home and make space for the things and people that matter to me the most.

I first learned about minimalism through design aesthetic. I got the impression it was for people in sleek modern homes painted all white with uncomfortable looking furniture. It’s only recently that I’ve encountered people that apply the principles of minimalism to their real life and it’s something I want my family to start exploring.

My definition of minimalism, at least how I see it as applied to a family of five, is a lifestyle built around the things that matter and not letting possessions or the obsession with busy take focus away from those values. I love Miranda Anderson and her philosophy of “Less Stuff, More Adventure.” has become a motto for my family. I ordered her new book and will definitely share what I think about it, but go check out her blog and podcast to see how living a life focusing on what you have, not what you need or want, can change the way you see the world.

I’m working on a daily challenge for when we get home that I’ll share soon. I am leaving our time here in Denver feeling very refreshed and recharged and I want to take what I’ve learned here home with me.

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