Best of Florida


We’ve been in Florida the past week and I had intended to write about the fun stuff we did and any tips or tricks I had to help you plan your own Universal/Disney extravaganza, but as we got closer to the trip, Chris and I decided to really set an intention for what we wanted the trip to be. Yes, we wanted to ride the fun rides, get our wands for Hogwarts, and drink a Butterbeer or two, but more than that we wanted to focus on these two amazing kids of ours.


This past year has been rough for our family and a lot of changes have taken place and these two have born the brunt of it all I’m afraid. Starting last summer, they gave up so much for reasons they didn’t understand and this summer we are determined to give it back to them. We left the baby with my parents (so hard, but absolutely the best choice!) and set out to have a week filled with time together. And that’s just what we did!


We went on this trip with Chris’ family and I don’t want to exclude the awesome cousin time that was had- they love their cousins!- but I also don’t feel great about posting pics of kids that aren’t mine online so instead this post is about the magic that happens when you just allow yourself to be with your children. The giggles that are shared, the introspections and questions that come up, the snuggles and small moments that are so precious and fleeting. We would have time most days with just the four of us (different age kids means different levels of rides!) and we simply focused on us. There were so many little conversations throughout the day and it was wonderful to be able to stop and talk (or just listen) and not be distracted by work, phones, or a baby crying. Don’t get me wrong, there was still bickering, a few tears, and very tired legs but there was also a lot of this


Moments where we saw our children still completely innocent and pure and happy. What a wonderful way to start the summer.

You don’t have to go to Florida to feel this connection (I mean, fireworks and Harry Potter sure do make it all seem so magical!) but I do think it jumpstarted how we want the next few months to go and reminded us how amazing these people we created together are.

And yes, Chris and Charlie are Slytherin. Harper is a Hufflepuff. And I’m in house Gryffindor. I’ll keep you abreast of Sam’s status when the time comes.

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