Link Therapy vol. 1

We are wrapping up a family vacation in Florida so I don’t have a ton of links to share this week, but these are some I enjoyed and thought you might like too!

Multiple people have sent me the link to this catalog of  Vintage Patterns It is really fun to search through and I like how it’s divided by decades as well as pattern companies. You can’t buy from them, or download (some links imply they are all free?) but there are links to sellers and you could search the pattern name on eBay or etsy if you wanted to go hunting. But mostly it’s fun to just look at all the illustrations and line drawings for inspiration.

I wanted to link to this  Palm Sunday Sermon that was very meaningful to me and one I’ve been returning to again and again. After the worst day is a new day. Whew. Go read it/listen to it.

Summer is here and there are hours to fill! This is a list from the beginning of the year but would be worth looking at if you’re wanting to hit the library and find some new books for your kids. New Children’s Books for 2019

Speaking of books, this is old but I thought was funny. American Girl Dolls and Book Pairing

Omg this article is sad and terrifying. I found it after talking about the movie Jaws with my kids and was trying to prove Great White attacks were very rare… Ummm… they’re not that rare anymore?! Shark Attacks in Cape Cod

We have two days at Disney this week and I’ve found this WDW Prep school very helpful in planning what rides and tours to do. My kids still don’t like scary and I think the detailed descriptions of everything are accurate. Bookmark it if you’re planning a trip with younger ones anytime soon!

Hope everyone had a great first week of June!!!

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