Our To Do List

Today is the first day of my children’s Winter Break and we are starting it off right with a luxuriously slow morning. After a relaxing weekend and a fun holiday party, we are officially in vacation mode over here. I have plans to bake cookies, play some games, and go on a long walk or two. While this month hasn’t been too crazy, I have been trying to keep my intentional Christmas in mind, it is nice to be done for the year and give myself permission to hibernate a bit. Even fighting against the Christmas madness, you can’t help but find yourself with a weekend where everything seems to be scheduled or a crazy week when your husband has to travel and appointments have to be squeezed in! I shudder to think what the past couple of weeks would have looked like if I hadn’t purposefully tried to protect my time and energy.

I’ve been spending time reflecting on the new year as well and am inspired to plan all the things. So much of last year felt like waiting, for something good!, and I’m looking forward to planning some doing for 2019. I want to get the whole family’s input on some of our intentions as well as set aside a few of my own.

Mostly I want the last stretch of 2018 to be filled with peace, deep breaths, and lots of snuggles. As you can see, we are already working on it over here! Happy Holidays to all of you!

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