Intentional Holidays|Gift Giving

If I’m being completely honest, this post was originally going to be a gift guide of sorts. Maybe a compilation of products I’ve loved this year or maybe a list of ideas on great gifts for kids and babies? But after a week of being bombarded by emails that yelled SALE and social media feeds full of things I had to purchase, my heart just wasn’t in it.

I’ve been trying to think how this year I can really teach my kids to appreciate what they have, to find that perfect balance of meaningful gifts on Christmas morning that they can enjoy but doesn’t overwhelm them. Then it hit me today that the way to get them to understand what it means to receive a gift is to get them to be a part of the gifting process for others.

They’ve done this a bit in the past, mostly wanting to pick out gifts for each other (which is adorable), but I’m hoping to sit down with them this week and make a list of special people in our lives that we would like to give something to. I’m also going to try and have some of those gifts be handmade. Taking the time and care to make something beautiful for someone we love is the best lesson I can give them this holiday season, right?

Here are some handmade gift ideas I’ve been thinking about. Beautiful ornaments, little stuffed animals, reusable food covers, cloth make up removers, and I have a pattern for sleep masks the kids could help me with. I have a feeling they will have some ideas too!

What do you do in your family to spread the joy of giving? Or what are your traditions of giving gifts on Christmas morning that keep the MOREMOREMORE feeling at bay? With everything going on in the world it seems like a silly time to be greedy and I’d love my children to start thinking of others and their needs on this small scale so that when they are older it becomes second nature to them. That is a gift I would truly love to give them!

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