National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month and there is an entire organization designed to help you get your novel out of your head and onto the page. If you haven’t already, check out the website here. You can create a profile and keep track of your word count as well as set goals, get involved in a community, and just generally find motivation and inspiration to write.

I started working on… something, not sure if it’s a novel yet?, last year and made the decision to carve out time again this month to finish it, or at least some version of it. As you can imagine, I don’t have a ton of time to sit and type with a newborn around, but I have found that I have a lot of time to write in my head and new ideas have been circling around.

My goal is to write at least 750 words a day. I love this website, literally called 750 words , and have been using it for years. If you want to make a daily habit of writing, it’s a great resource. I pay $5 a month and it’s enough to motivate me to use it but not so expensive that it scares me off from keeping it. Again you can set goals and find community and all your work is saved and kept private.

Even if you’re not an aspiring novelist, just making a habit of journaling can have a pretty profound impact on your life. Sometimes writing is more a meditative process and less a journey to tell a story and I notice when it’s not a part of my life.

Do you have any writing goals for the month? I’d love to know about them or any resources you have for building daily habits!

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