Hello October!

It’s October! And we’ve had a few changes happen around here. Remember when I was going to blog every day in July? Well a few pregnancy things happened and took over and then it was kind of a matter of just putting my head down and making it to September. Which of course I did! And here we are with Sam!

Samuel Scott was born September 18th and he’s perfect and the entire family is in love with him. I also don’t know if I ever introduced our new fur baby on here, so please welcome Otis and Sam to the internet!


The big kids are absolutely in love. They were excited about getting a new baby brother, but their reaction to Sam has been more than I ever expected. They love on him constantly and want to show him off to everyone they meet.


Also Harper has a new muse and constantly gets my phone to take pictures of him so this is what my photo roll looks like.


So that’s what we’re up to! Settling into life as a family of FIVE and spoiling this baby boy like crazy. So thankful for a healthy delivery and recovery and trying to soak this time in as my other two are a constant reminder of how fast it all goes.

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