Perfect Saturday


We had the most wonderful day Saturday. It started with Chris getting donuts and breakfast tacos for all of us (I mean, it had to be a great day!) and Harper and I headed to the Dallas Farmer’s Market with a friend. Summer produce is the best and I’m looking forward to cooking up some delicious food this week!

Harper is always fun on these kinds of excursions. I love how she quietly takes it all in and makes small requests, like to get a shaved ice, and then talks about the things she saw and heard for the rest of the week. Always listening that one.

Meanwhile Chris and Charlie took our dog Otis (I need to introduce you to Otis!) to the dog park for the first time and he had so much fun. He is a very energetic puppy but he loves humans and other dogs. Chris said he had the hardest time deciding whether to go say hi to all the people or to go play with all the dogs! He slept hard all afternoon so I think he played his little heart out.

We spent the late afternoon in the pool. The kids basically pull me around on the float and make Chris do all the hard work of throwing them around in the water! Pretty nice set up! Then Chris and I had ourselves a date night down in the Bishop Arts District.

We went and ate at Hatties, a restaurant we went to many times when we first moved to Dallas but hadn’t visited since. We are happy to report it’s still delicious and beautiful. Then we strolled around the neighborhood a bit, stopping in at galleries and a few shops. We ended at our favorite bar/bookstore, The Wild Detectives, where Chris had a nightcap and we each picked out a book for one another.

Dallas has many sides to it and I was reminded Saturday of my favorite side. The one where all kinds of different people mix, where art and good food is highlighted, and where status in the world doesn’t matter much. Just enjoying the beautiful things we can find together and sharing them with those around us.

Perfect Saturday.


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