I found a few things this week that had my mind buzzing with inspiration and I thought I would share them here! What better way to start the weekend (after a weird week with a   holiday in the middle?) than with some pretty links to get your creative juices flowing?

I love’s color boards. This one with all the pinks and shots of lime green are really appealing to me at the moment! Check out my color board on Pinterest if colors inspire you! I always love looking at what I’ve pinned there.

Fall/Winter Couture week is happening (happened?) and Go Fug Yourself has great pics of all the shows. I loved the textures in these Tony Ward Gowns! Also I would like to be in a movie and wear all of Dior‘s stuff here!

The online sewing/artist community is my favorite community. There have been so people raising money, donating, holding auctions for all kinds of good causes this past year. Most recently people have been banding together to support children at our borders. It always amazes me that people want to use their gifts and talents for causes they care about, in big and small ways. From small business owners donating some of their income to people taking precious time to make things for others. Right now there is a #makersforfamilies auction. 100% of funds raised will go to the ACLU, Raices Texas, and Together Rising. There are still a few auctions up as I type this if you want to have a look at some of the amazing stuff they are putting up!

Hope everyone has a restful weekend with plenty of time to do what you love!

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