Do You Keep a Journal?

I love journaling as writing is how I process my thoughts. It’s why I love putting together a blog post! I have gone through periods where I journal, scrapbook, write one line a day, whatever is easiest or feels right at the time.

This year I attempted bullet journaling. I love the idea of mixing efficiency/list making/planning with pretty paper and maybe a few embellishments. However, I found I didn’t have the time or patience to make it a regular thing. Instead I bought myself a physical planner (I like the Get to Work Book) so I can have a calendar and plenty of room to scribble lists and thoughts. This month I decided to return to my bullet journal and use it more as a simple journal. It won’t be daily, although I have space for a daily gratitude list, but I would like to get in the habit of jotting bits and pieces of our lives down and not have them shared anywhere else.

I love Instagram, but of course don’t want to be the girl that overshares there and I also don’t want to project a perfect life. I’m also feeling so many things (all the hormones! all the change!) and having a private space is much needed to reflect on this time for myself.  I would love to make it a habit so that when baby comes, reaching over and writing  about the small moments that change so quickly won’t feel like a chore. I remember nothing from when the twins were little, but I journaled so much! I love looking back and seeing all the funny details I wrote down. It’s precious to me, even if no one else ever takes a look!

The picture here is a look at how I started July. A page of colors that I love, a page of calendars to track a few habits I hope to cultivate, as well a quote that I think speaks to what I would like this month and summer to be about. Memories live longer than things.



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