Thought I’d start the month with a little currently list to kind of catch up and recap what’s happening around here!

Watching: Recently I watched the movie Pride and cannot recommend it enough. A true story about gay activists in the UK that worked to help miners during the strike of 1984. Beautifully done, I promise you will laugh and cry and also feel hopeful for days afterwards.

Reading: I’ve had some hits and misses lately with books, and am planning to share the good ones later this month, but right now I’m reading In Farleigh Field: A Novel of World War II by Rhys Bowen and so far I’m really enjoying it. A mix of historical fiction and mystery with not too much heaviness, perfect summer read in my opinion.

Listening: While the kids were in school I started the Crazy Rich Asians audiobook, but haven’t had too much time to listen at the moment. I usually have an audio book going for when I’m around the house on my own or for my walks, but lately I have little ears always listening! So our spotify playlist has been going nonstop and looootttsss of Greatest Showman performances happening around here.

Making: I’m always sewing something (you can see my creative blog here for the latest makes) and right now I have a few summery dresses and one glamorous kimono I’m hoping to finish up soon. Then I’m probably done with makes for myself until after baby!

Feeling: A little anxious, a lot excited about my pregnancy. Seems crazy that we will be adding to our family but I dreamed about him the other night and a wave of peacefulness flooded over me. I get anxious before doctors’ appointments and have my glucose test Monday, please send me good vibes!

Planning: Oh, did I mention we are having a baby?!?! Little boy due in mid September. I have spent the past couple of days setting up the nursery and ordering a few things we need and want to make a couple of things for him and the room before he gets here!

Loving: Summer. Summer is my favorite. We are laid back in our schedule and I have been trying to be really intentional with how I spend my time with the kids. This is our last summer just the four of us and I want to spoil them rotten with my time! I’ll share some of the ways I’m setting up our days but mostly I just love being around them and spending our late afternoons in the pool waiting for daddy to come home and cannon ball in.


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