31 days of Blogging challenge!

I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a creative challenge for the month of July and put a blog post up every single day. I love blogging, the combination of pictures and words to share a story has always been very appealing to me. They say blogging is dead (they? the keepers of the cool?) but I still enjoy reading through my favorites a few times a week and hope you’ll add me to whatever blogging rotation you have.

In this age of media saturation it’s nice to carve out a space that’s just your own, whether anyone else reads it or not! I have no real plans except to cover the wide range of topics that make me happy. Meaning, food, books, family, faith, and pictures of plants are all likely to show up! On Wednesdays I will share a post over on my other blog, Whit Makes. That is a place that is strictly creative, usually sewing projects, and I will link them here as they come up if you’re interested in that kind of thing!

So July is here, it is hot as all get out and my schedule is pretty clear. Let’s use the internet for good, for inspiration and connection and maybe a little personal growth too. So long June, see you in July!

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