The universe giveth and the universe taketh away.

Sunday I went to Target (oh my god for the third time this week. And I bought a bag of Halloween candy at every. single. trip.) because I needed random things like milk, underwear, and tortillas. Target is the only reasonable place to get all of these things, right?

Anyway when I got home I was unpacking my bags and noticed this got thrown in.


I looked at the receipt and I hadn’t paid for it. Weird. Obviously the person before me in line is missing something?

But then I’m starting supper and reading the ingredients list and realize I have everything I need. Except for one thing.

Oh my God! The universe threw me a bone after a shitty Saturday! I can’t tell you what joy this stupid canned good brought me!

Ah, but then. As I was opening the can, I happened to pull the lid off just so. And with one little flick, my favorite white t-shirt looked like this.


Damn it universe.

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