Saying Goodbye


This past Saturday we had to say good bye to a very important member of our family, our dog Duncan. We’ve been so lucky to have Duncan in our lives these past 11 years. He’s added so much to our days and it’s been the worst looking for him and realizing he’s not there.

Duncan always believed the kids were his. The day we brought them home from the hospital he took it as his personal responsibility to guard them, herd them, and comfort them. Charlie and Duncan had an especially wonderful relationship. I truly believe Duncan understood that Charlie needed a special buddy and when I say he became his therapy dog, I’m not joking. We are all hurting without our boy here, but I think Charlie especially. I found him this morning lying down in the playroom his body curled up, just like he would be with Duncan every morning.

Both kids really want another dog but I told them I wouldn’t talk about it until January. I’m afraid they think another dog will immediately replace Duncan and they would then learn the lesson that that’s not how it works. So as a family we are all grieving together and adding extra snuggles into our day.

I feel a little silly going on about my dog dying when so many awful things are going on in the world, but if you’ve ever loved an animal I think you will understand. How lucky are we to get to share the world with such wonderful things as pets? I’ll never forget kissing him goodbye over and over again and feeling his velvety ears for the last time. It hurt but also was a gift to be able to take away his pain.

Duncan, we love you so much! You were the best dog and Chris and I promise to take good care of your babies. Thank you for over a decade of wonderful memories, good walks, and snuggles when we were sad. I wish everyone could have a Duncan dog in their life.

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