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Halloween happenings over here…

I had a ton of links saved in my book marks so I thought I would put them all in one post because I think they’re worth sharing. We’ve got everything from ghosts, to white supremacy, to homeschooling, to vegan cook books covered. It is my world you’re entering after all.

Also I have to say I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults but I didn’t link to any of that here. 2017 has felt like a perpetual cycle of PTSD for anyone that has experienced sexual assault or harassment and honestly all this information coming out is good, I’m amazed by the women speaking up!, but also I get sick to my stomach that people are still so shocked. We elected a man to office with a history of sexual assault and harassment so I’m not really sure why people pretend this is all new? It makes me angry and sad and obviously I have a lot to say on the subject which is why I didn’t link to any of it here. But know I’m not ignoring it.

Anyway… on with the stuff I like!

The world is scary enough that I don’t need any extra horror in my life, but it is October and I’ve gotten in the Halloween spirit. I admit I trust nothing on the internet, but this video of a ghost in a high school was just spooky enough for me.

I bought this sheet music and am learning to play this song. I love the music from The Fountain and even choreographed a ballet to it. This was my first time printing off sheet music, it felt so weird. I remember going to the music store in Lubbock- Gent’s? What was that place called? Is it still there?- and picking out sheet music to learn with my piano teacher. I feel old.

I love the blog It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken and got Sam’s new cookbook in the mail this week. Already made her cheesy broccoli soup and it was delicious! Highly recommend for new vegans or people who want to add more plant based meals to their life.

I do not want him to be president again, but I find his post presidency life interesting and I appreciated George W. Bush’s speech denouncing white supremacy.  

And speaking of white supremacy, don’t come at me explaining why we need to keep statues or flags or any of that nonsense. I love Last Week Tonight and this segment of John Oliver taking on Confederate Statues

Like I said, I don’t need any more scary and books are way creepier to me than most movies, but I liked this list of the 10 Best Books for Stranger Things Fans To Read before the new season starts (ONE WEEK!)

I loved this post of People Matching Art

I am homeschooling my kids this year and one of the reasons is I want them to be critical thinkers, to not be afraid to step outside the box. I loved this story of a Kid finding solutions to the Flint water crisis 

November is National Novel Writing Month! Are you ready? Here are 28 Best Books on Writing Advice on Writing 

My kids are obsessed with wolves and we liked this cartoons of a wolf speak howling guide

We listen to a lot of audible around here. In the car, while the kids are having quiet time, and this is a good list of Audio Book Deals

This is something only my curly haired girls will relate to. Curly Hair Problems cartoon

Looking for fun simple crafts to do with your kids? We’ve been learning about trees and leaves this week so I liked some of these Autumn Leaf Crafts

I’ve also been incorporating a lot of poetry into our days. I found this article worth reading for anyone looking to use more poetry on a regular basis. How to Teach Kids Writing Using Poetry

I also listened to this podcast episode this week. Secular Homeschooling in a Christian World While we don’t have a particularly secular homeschool, I have recently felt very alone in the homeschooling community. I find not only a lot of Christians, but conservative Christians of the Evangelical bent. I absolutely do not want curriculum based in this world view and it is hard to know what is and what isn’t. I appreciated the hosts’ sensitivity to the subject and found myself nodding along.

Whew! That’s all I got! Hope everyone has a restful weekend! My big goal is to finish Halloween costumes and to not eat all the candy I bought yesterday before the trick or treaters get here.

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