Well, hello Gorgeous!


I’ve started this blog up again because I missed writing and sharing things I thought were cool. I’ve recently deleted all of my social media accounts, except for Instagram, and have enjoyed the space. However I still have things I want to share and found myself thinking up blog posts or wishing I had a way to share resources.

I started up a blog solely dedicated to sewing, Whit Makes, and I caught myself wanting to write more there. Instead I took my old blog, exported it, revamped it, and hope to be writing here again more frequently. I’m not sure yet what exactly this will be, but I know it will be about the things that interest me most at the time. I don’t plan on sharing my kids too much, I’d like to have them less on the internet than I have in the past, but they will of course be here in some way since we spend every waking hour together.

Sound vague but yet maybe intriguing? Or do you know me in real life and miss me on Facebook? Cool! Then stay here, subscribe via email or follow me on Bloglovin or whatever your favorite reader is.

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